Charcoal Portraits

Whilst some commissioned portraits are quick charcoal sketches, and may cost less, these portraits take weeks to complete. For example, three different grades of charcoal are used, and built up in layers to render very fine details and modulations in skin tone. 

‘My intention is to create a portrait that is highly accurate, captures the character of the sitter, and still retains a fluidity in the markings, so that the end result looks alive, and not ‘photographic’ 

Francesca studied portraiture in Italy, under the atelier method, a classical technique for teaching the very highest level of excellence in portraiture. She works with Genesis imaging who provide her with highly detailed and accurate reproductions of the photographs she takes, which she uses as reference material for completing the portrait. 

These portraits are investment pieces that can be passed onto your children when they move into homes of their own, and perhaps begin their own families, and are designed to earn a place on the wall for generations. 

'Francesca did such an exceptional job on my children’s portraits! I had tears of joy when I first saw the finished work! She captured their features, hairlines, dimples etc all so perfectly and was an absolute professional. I couldn’t recommend Frannie more- the portraits are my pride and joy ‘