Houses & Landscapes

'Francesca's ability to bring to life and capture a magical African landscape is amazing. She is a complete pleasure to work with and delivered ahead of schedule. Sacha and I are so grateful for this stunning painting of a very special place. It's simply perfect.'

- Casimir and Sacha 


Francesca  paints houses and homes, from a watercolour sketch of a London flat, to a larger oil painting of a home, set within the surrounding landscape. Family members, pets and animals can be included in the composition, creating family portraits within a setting.

Small Sketch of Mausoleum, Castle Howard

Flat in Balham


When choosing a painting for your wall, it can be very rewarding to organise a bespoke painting. There may be a particular view or beauty spot that has a significance to you, or if you don’t have a fixed plan, Francesca can help talk through some ideas.

Francesca has painted many landscapes for clients and friends, such as a favourite view, the place where a couple got married, a friend’s favourite walk, or a painting to commemorate a particular holiday.

'The Wedding View’

This was a small painting given as a gift, on the first anniversary of the couple’s wedding. It shows the beautiful backdrop to their outdoor wedding, and part of the land on which the bride grew up

Black Rhino in the Savannah

This painting was given from a mother to her son, to celebrate a huge sporting achievement he had undertaken in East Africa. This is one of his favourite places, and the black rhino in the foreground nod to the conservation work he had contributed.

Woodland Path

This is a painting of a favourite walk, given to a friend to mark a big birthday.

River Beauly

This was one of three paintings commissioned for a private estate in the Scottish highlands. This painting shows the local river, where family and guests would often spend time fishing or walking along the river.  Francesca was able to visit the house and see the exact places where the paintings would hang, so that the context could be understood, when making decisions about colour, composition and subject. 


The Joshua Tree

This view is special to the family who commissioned it. They would walk up the hill to this tree, and look out at the vast scenery below it. Francesca visited the place over a year, and made this painting during the spring and early summer, when it was looking particularly beautiful.


Conversational Pieces

Francesca loves the challenge of painting people in a landscape, and creating a narrative. Below is a commission for a 50th wedding anniversary, showing grandparents with their ten grandchildren, around a lake.