Francesca was invited to return in March to Ndarakwai ranch, in West Kilimanjaro. Here she was involved in the rehabilitation of a pair of rescued Serval cats, and was able to document their habits and movements through a series of sketches and paintings.

‘It was a rare and exciting opportunity to study the elusive Serval cat. It is entrancing to watch them hunting, and to try to capture their very particular movements, as they wait, run, and pounce.’

Whilst there she took advantage of Ndarakwai’s tree house overlooking a waterhole to spend hours at a time studying and sketching the animals that approached.

During her visit she made two large wall hangings for the camp. These can now be seen hanging in two of the camp’s tents. One below shows a life size painting of one of the cats.

Francesca’s upcoming exhibition in London, December 2011, and in New York 2012 will showcase work from the camp. To register interest please register your contact details by clicking on ‘Contact Me’ below.

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