In March 2011, Cottar’s camp invited Francesca to come and paint their local wildlife. Drives in the bush were arranged for her to sketch the moving world of the Mara directly from the car.

On one of these drives they were lucky enough to spot a female rhino and her calf. Only 18 White Rhino are known to currently reside in the Masai Mara, so it was an exciting find.

See some of her work from the trip below.

On one evening, seeking inspiration from the evening light, the team made a trip in the Cottar’s vintage car to a favourite drinking spot. Here they made a fire, and enjoyed a sundowner while Francesca speed sketched the scene before darkness fell. The result now hangs in the mess office.

Francesca’s upcoming London exhibition in December 2011 will showcase work from the camp.

A further exhibition is planned in New York in 2012. To register interest please register your details by clicking on ‘Contact Me’ below.

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