The videos below document some of the commissions, competitions and  projects that Francesca has completed in her career, and help give an insight into what inspires her work, her role in supporting conservation, and her approach to painting. 
Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year
Francesca was chosen as one of 48 people, out of many thousand applications, to take part in the inaugural Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year in 2015. The competition was filmed and shown on  the Sky Arts  channel, in the same year. Here you can watch a short interview with Francesca, about the project. 
Military commission in Afghanistan 
Francesca was commissioned by the British Military of Defence, to travel to Afghanistan in 2013, as an embedded war artist. She undertook Hostile Environment Training in the UK, and travelled with the military to Camp Leatherneck, Helmand Province to carry out a commission for the Regional Command of Helmand Province. The painting was commissioned by the British military, and given  as a gift to the American military, to celebrate a joint operational project in Afghanistan. To complete the project, she travelled on a special trip to Sangin, where the commissioned painting was based. The completed work was unveiled in Camp Leatherneck, before being shipped to Washington DC for display at the Officers Mess, US Marine Corps, Quantico. 
Celebrating a decade on the road 
Francesca  celebrated painting for ten years in August 2020. This short 60 second clip shows 60 memorable photos that track her career from its start in August 2010, until the present day in August 2020. 
Celebrating 10 years of painting
As part of celebrating 10 years of painting as a full time career,  this fun clip shows 60 pieces of Francesca's  work - one a second, since she began in August 2010. 
Partnership with Blue Ventures conservancy, East Timor. 
In 2017 Francesca spent several weeks with  Blue Ventures, a marine conservation group,  which originally began work in Madagascar.  Whilst the team of scientists and volunteers counted and documented the underwater ecosystems of East Timor,  Francesca joined their diving  group ,with some novel sketching gear, to sketch and study the marine life, and learn about the crucial work Blue ventures carries out, both in terms of research and data collection, but also in the vital work they do with local communities. You can learn about their groundbreaking work by visiting and here you can watch Francesca talking about her experience of attempting to paint underwater.  
Partnership with Save The Elephants, Westgate School and Samburu National Park, Northern Kenya. 
Francesca was asked to paint a large walled area in Westgate School, on the edge of Samburu National Park, in Northern Kenya.  The project was initiated by Iain Douglas Hamilton CBE, founder of Save The Elephants, and Oria Douglas Hamilton of Elephant Watch Camp, to further support and bring fun to the local school that their foundations support.  Some of the children from Westgate school took part in a class with Francesca, to help her complete the mural. The project was supported by Samburu National Park. You can learn more about the fantastic work that Save The Elephants does by visiting 
Partnership with Save The Elephants, Westgate School and Samburu National Park, Northern Kenya, 60 second clip 
This quick 60 second clip shows the progression of Francesca's mural project at Westgate School, through a collection of photographs 
Partnership with Abercrombie & Kent and Gorilla conservation.
Francesca was invited on a once in a lifetime field trip to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda, to study some of the remaining 800 gorillas in the wild. She also visited and learnt about the local community projects, and the Bwindi hospital supported  by Abercrombie and Kent. Francesca has since developed some monochromatic oil painting studies from her trip.