Francesca is based in London, and is happy to travel for commissions.  Previous projects have taken her throughout the UK, and to locations in East Africa, Afghanistan, the USA, and Europe. She loves the challenge of painting groups of people within a landscape, such as military and sporting groups, as well as paintings of houses,  landscapes, and animal portraits. She also undertakes fine charcoal portraits.


She regularly visits East Africa and Scotland, and can be commissioned to paint a favourite landscape or wildlife subject whilst there. Please see below, and in the drop down menu for examples, and feel free to contact Francesca for more details and prices.

Charcoal portrait 2019-2020

Finn and Florence

'Francesca did such an exceptional job on my children’s portraits! I had tears of joy when I first saw the finished work! She captured their features, hairlines, dimples etc all so perfectly and was an absolute professional. I couldn’t recommend Frannie more- the portraits are my pride and joy ‘


Commissions are great fun to arrange, and having something that is personal to you, and celebrates a person, place, or event, and that really deserves a place on your wall, can be very worthwhile.  Francesca  works with individuals, family groups and companies, to create bespoke pieces.  


The Rose Garden in Sangin,  commissioned by the British Military, Afghanistan 

'Throughout the commission Francesca was highly professional and totally dedicated to capturing the right scene / event.  The painting was first class.' 

Colonel Thomas Vallings. 

 Read more about this commission here

'Digby'  Dog portrait, London. 

‘She has perfectly captured the spirit and likeness of our naughtiest family member. As an artist Francesca has a critical eye that misses nothing, as a business woman she is timely, professional and a pleasure to work with’   Alex and Alexandra 



Francesca will talk through the general outline for the work you would like, and agree the price and a timing schedule with you. 


For a charcoal portrait, or group sittings, she will then arrange a time to visit you,  take photos and talk through the commission in further detail. This gives her a chance to meet the sitter(s), in their home environment, and helps her get a sense of their personality,  what background might be used, what sort of composition  might work.  This will take around 2  hours. She will then share a number of photos with you, and you will then together decide what 'look' to choose. It is also useful to see where the painting(s) will hang, if this is known in advance. This can then be considered when making artwork and framing choices, so that the finished piece is bespoke to the space. 

 Francesca will then work on the commission in her studio until completion, and will invite you to visit the studio to see it. For more complex commissions, further visits and communication throughout the process may be helpful. 

For animal portraits the process is the same. For landscapes, Francesca prefers to visit the location if possible, to sketch compositions and take photos.

Francesca will arrange framing for you, to make the process simple. You are very welcome to arrange this yourself,  if preferred.