Francesca was commissioned by the British Military to paint a commemoration of the joint forces operations in Helmand province, during the hand over to Afghani forces in 2013-2014.


The painting is set in the Rose Garden in Sangin,  and depicts General Miller, for whom the commission was arranged, Brigadier Paul Nanson, the General of the Afghan Army, the Head of Afghan Police in Helmand, the Provincial Governor and a selection of tribal leaders. (Positions of command as of December 2013).


Preparatory sketches and research were done on site in Sangin and Camp Leatherneck/ Bastion, and the commission was completed in London. The painting was unveiled in Camp Leatherneck, before being moved to Washington DC in 2014.

During the embed, Francesca visited and sketched in Shorabat training centre and field hospital, Camp Bastion field hospital, Military working dogs, and many other units.  In this video interview, Francesca talks  about the experience of being commissioned as a war artist.  

Close up of The Rose Garden painting
The Rose Garden painting
Sketching in Camp Bastion field hospital
On board an Osprey
Preparing to fly up to Sangin
Taking shots in a field hospital
Arriving at Camp Bastion
Sketching newly arrived troops
Sketch of an officer with Afghanis
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